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DermaShotz girl with perfect skin
“Clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, smooth fine lines, hydrate the skin and strengthen hair and nails”
DermaShotz girl with perfect skin

The Magical Ingredients

✔    Anti-Ageing Marine Collagen
✔    Super Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid
✔    Collagen-boosting MSM
✔    Skin Calming Curcumin
✔    Anti-Oxidising Vitamin C
✔    Free Radical Damage Reducing Vitamin E
✔    Cell Regenerating Magnesium
✔    Rejuvenating Zinc

✔    Inflammation Reducing Vitamin D
✔    Skin Smoothing Folic Acid
✔    Hair Strengthening Vitamin B7 (Biotin)
✔    Skin Cell Boosting Vitamin A
✔    Cell Regenerating Vitamin B6
✔    Red Blood Cell Boosting Vitamin B12
✔    Nail Strengthening Iron
✔    Skin Protein Stabilising Copper

“…because the world deserves beautiful skin.”


Take your skin care to the next level
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Backed by Science
Collagen Moleculs
11g Premium Marine Collagen
Oranges (600 x 600)
Flavoured with Valencia Orange
Results in 3 weeks
Backed by Science
11g Premium Marine Collagen
Flavoured with Valencia Orange
Results in 3 weeks

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Twice the amount of marine collagen per sachet

The finest ingredents Peptan the worlds leading collagen

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