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1 year Review  

Hi there!

I have now been taking Dermashotz for exactly 12 months so I thought I would come on here to leave a 12 month review!

I turned 40 in 2021 and I can honestly say my skin and hair throughout the last 12 months have been in the best condition they have been in for since I was in my 20s.

I previously tried 2 other collagen drinks and found the taste and consistency something I literally couldn't cope with. DermaShotz is so easy to drink and I pesonally find it tastes a lot like orange squash (depending on how much water you put with it).

Firstly my skin constantly feels hydrated and almost 'dewy'... it always feels moisturised even in the last 3 colder months. The finer lines around my eyes have reduced massively and the deeper lines in my forehead have also improved.

Now my hair is something I have always struggled with. It is sooooooo fine and in my late thirties was really falling out. This has stopped and I barely get any hair fall out at all. I also had a patch of baby hairs that never ever grew at my forehead hairline which was really noticeable when I had my hair tied back.... for the last 6 months at least these have been growing to point where I am now almost able to tie it all back!

My nails grow at a rate of knots now (where they never did before), they were also always like paper. They are now so hard something that I've never been able to achieve before I started taking dermashotz.

I feel now that I have been taking dermashotz for 12 months I am in a good place to be able to leave a totally honest account of my experience with the product and I would totally recommend this to anyone who is looking for a collagen product.

Looking forward to the next 12 months!

Sara Hawkins    7 January 2022   Barking   
Great Product  

Highly Recommeded

Mr Chris J Fennessy    10 December 2021   Chadwell Heath   
Love dermashotz for my skin care routine  

Totally obsessed with these sachets. I've never felt so confident about my skin than I have since I started taking this every day. The lines i had in my forehead have reduced so much and my hair is in such lovely condition. Even my hairdresser asked me what Ive been using, and that was only after a month! Best find ever.

Gemma Bradshaw    30 November 2021   Kidderminster   
Many thanks for this brilliant product!  
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As you know I've been taking your product since January of this year..partly for skin but also to help with arthritis management...there is no quick fix but I do not have to take pain killers on a daily basis anymore! Also I had my 70th birthday in September so I thought I would send you a photo so you can see the amazing difference your product has had not only on hair nails and skin but also minimum lines and texture of skin is amazing..

I feel justified having used your product for 10 months that it really works and the difference it has made to my mobility hair skin is amazing...there is no cure for arthritis as we know but from going from painkillers daily to intermittently speaks for itself.
I am very active walk daily several miles.. garden etc dermashotz has made such a difference.
I believe certainly as we age that products like yours won't act quickly but I am testament that its worth investing the money to take as a daily routine.

Your product works for me and the photo speaks for itself.

Many thanks for this brilliant product.

Trish W.    19 October 2021   Leicestershire   

First class delivery service, ordered 2 days ago arrived this morning. Will update again when I have finished my 2 month box. if it works, i'll happily order more

Jess B    15 September 2021   West Mids   
Quick delivery waiting to see if it works  

Really quickly delivery and well packaged. Starting them tomorrow and I'm hoping they are as good as everyone is saying will let you know!

Karen White    28 August 2021   London   
Take this for joint pain  

I have suffered with arthritis for several years and I researched what I could do to alleviate the pain other than medication prescribed by the GP. I kept reading that collagen was good for joint pain so I looked around at the different collagen products available and I came across DermaShotz. They seem to be the best for collagen and price so I ordered some to try. The flavour is lovely which I was worried about as a lot of people say collagen tastes horrible. I have been taking these for 3 months now and I am amazed at how much my pain has improved. Definitely recommend.

Carol    3 August 2021   Thorpe Bay   
My skin looks so good  

The best my skin has looked. Im 44 and wouldnt be without this now. They also taste really nice which is a plus.

Michelle T.    22 July 2021   Crowborough   
Great product  

I have been having dermashotz every day for 3 months and I am so impressed at what they have done to my skin and nails. My skin is in the best condition its ever been and I am 37 years young. My nails are so hard and they grow so quickly. My hair is getting better although it was in such bad condition from 2 decades of perms and colouring that I think I may need a few more months! If you're reading these reviews looking for assurance, you have it from me!

Tasha G.    22 June 2021   Reading   

This was recommended to me by my sister, who has been having dermashotz for quite a while now. Her skin and hair look incredible so I took the leap and ordered some. I am now in my 3rd month and I can't believe how much my skin, hair and nails have improved. My nails grow at a rate I've never known before and my hair is shiny and thick and grows really fast too. My colleagues at work have all commented on how great my skin is looking and it feels constantly moisturised. I'm really impressed!

Debbie O'Hara    2 June 2021   Chatham   
Such a good product  

Honestly such a good product, I have noticed a big difference after 3 weeks. My skin and hair feel incredible. Just ordered my next box and I've persuaded my Mum to try them now as well. Thank you!

Becky Haines    13 May 2021   Chichester   
Holy Grail! <3  

Made up with my results from this. 3 months taking them and everyone is commenting on how good my skin looks and my nails are like concrete lol x

Jenny Treanor    10 May 2021   Glasgow   
Fantastic supplement  

I have waited 6 months to leave a review on this product as I wanted to give my long term feedback on it, and I have found it quite difficult to find a comprehensive review on collagen as a supplement from anyone, so I'm going to try my best to provide as much information as possible.

I have tried 2 other collagen supplement drinks in the past, and the first piece of feedback that I have on dermashotz is that they taste really nice. Other ones I have tried I have not been able to stomach, in fact they made almost gag (apologies for the term, but I'm trying to be as honest as possible!).

Unlike many people, I have actually researched collagen and taking it as a supplement so I wasn't expecting overnight results. In fact, it took around a month of taking daily to notice any visible changes.

The first thing that I noticed was my nails and how quickly they started growing - I am having to cut them every 5 or so days which is unheard of for my nails. They are usually so brittle and like paper when they grow, but they are 'hard as nails' now lol.

The second thing I noticed after around 6 weeks was how soft the skin on my body had become.... like super super soft..... on my face, legs, arms stomach and..... bum!!

Now after taking this for several months, I've noticed the lines on my face have VISIBLY reduced and smoothed out. My crows feet are FAR reduced and the deeper lines on my forehead have reduced significantly reduced.

I've had really fine hair all my life..... my hair didn't improve at all at first..... and to be honest i had accepted that maybe dermashotz just wouldn't help my hair and i was actually ok with that. HOWEVER, in the last month (which actually prompted me to write this review).... my hair has started to GROW (and not just in length!). I had some really thinning (almost balding) places around the sides of my head..... these are now filling out! Also I had some tufts of baby hairs around my forehead hairline which NEVER grew! They have GROWN. I am SO impressed and hand on heart the only difference I have made to my lifestyle / diet is dermashotz!

Now for the pricing bit.... OK so they are not cheap as in the £5 or £10 threshold.....BUT they are cheaper than others... especially when you consider the AMOUNT of collagen that you get per serving, plus all the other things they add. And collagen in general is around the £40/£50 a month mark.... some are even over £100 a month!!!! (not for me I'm afraid!).

I'm on a subscription now which has kept the cost down for me and I'm happy to pay this on the basis that I'm also getting my daily vitamins in with it as well..... I also reasoned that I've never thought twice about getting my nails done for £30 a month or my hair cut every 6 weeks at £50 a go.... so £45 a month for something that is working for me was actually reasonable.

I hope my review has been helpful! If you're looking for collagen this is definitely worth the money. xx

Sara Hawkins    7 April 2021   East London   
Really impressed with results  

I am really impressed with the results. Skin smoother and hair is thicker after 3 weeks. Happy.

Tracey Reeves    12 March 2021   Billericay   
Amazing! Incredible! Superb!  

I actually LOVE this product 🙂 I have tried a few other collagen drinks and they all tasted pretty awful to be quite frank. But this tastes like diluted orange juice! I've been taking one sachet every day for 2 months. The first thing I noticed was how soft my skin had become all over my body... like baby soft. And my nails..... used to be like paper, and are now hard as nails! I've seen a definite improvement in my face. My skin looks and feels so much plumper and like it is constantly moisturised. Im so pleased! 🙂

Christine Taylor    27 February 2021   London   

The lines on my face seem to have improved... but maybe because I've put weight on in lockdown LOL. No seriously, I am really liking it! Fast delivery on the 3 orders I've had too! Bonus!

Ann Davies    21 February 2021   Southend-On-Sea   

On my second box. Notice a difference with my nails already. I suffer with exzema so hoping it will improve my skin.

Kelly Moore    19 February 2021   essex   
So impressed with dermashotz  

I am very impressed with the results. I had never known about the benefits of collagen until I read in a magazine that it is good to take collagen as you get older. I am in my 50s and I really needed something for my skin especially on my face. I have noticed a visible improvement in the firmness of my skin and the tone of my skin. People are even telling me that my skin looks good! I have been having these for 11 weeks now.

Mrs. Ruth Adams    5 February 2021   Bury   
Hormonal acne miracle  

Review from a 19 year old hormonal acne sufferer
Having suffered with hormonal acne for the last 5 years I have tried every non-prescription remedy I have found with nothing ever working or improving my skin. After reading that collagen can improve acne I did some research on collagen products and dermashotz seemed to offer the most.
I have been taking dermashotz daily for the past month and a half and I honestly cannot believe how much my skin has improved in such a short space of time. My skin isn't completely clear but it has improved massively and for once I have hopes that I can get there. Cannot recommend this enough. Just got to pluck up the courage to send in a photo now

Kayleigh Dobinson    18 January 2021   Essex   
Great results  

Although it seems quite expensive, it is an investment product. I bought these upon recommendation from a family member and I have been having one sachet every day since November, so about 9 weeks now. Nothing really happened for me for the first 6 weeks and then it felt like over night my skin just started to feel really really soft to the touch, especially on my legs and (bum!!!!). The skin on my face feels constantly moisturised, never dry any more. And before we went into this lockdown, my family started to really notice a difference in my face around my eyes. Now onto my hair.... this is a big thing for me. I have suffered with thinning hair since I had my daughter. And everytime I had a bath or shower, there was always so much hair left behind in the bath. This has literally now stopped, and although my hair isn't overly thick now, the fact that it's not falling out is incredible. Now the only thing I have changed is that I am now taking dermashotz. I am hoping that my hair starts to thicken up now. Watch this space! This is such a great product, and it may seem dear, but you definitely get what you pay!

Sarah H    9 January 2021   Upminster, Essex   
Good but pricey  

I can't say it hasn't made improvements to my skin and hair because they do feel and look much better even after a few weeks - 5 stars for that. It's just quite a big outlay every month for me to keep it going all the time.

Chrissy O.    4 January 2021   Musselburgh   
Totally obsessed with DermaShotz  

I'm out telling anyone who will listen to me about these! Im on my 3rd box so i've been having them for about 10 weeks and they have improved my skin and hair beyond belief. People keep commenting on how good my skin looks and I had a really bad problem with my hair falling out which was really noticeable when I showered. Now I see hardly any hair in the bath at all and my hair just looks so full and shiny. Full stars from me!

Kerry Proctor    21 December 2020   Doncaster   
Great collagen drink  

This is a really great collagen drink. It tastes great and is such good value for money with the amount of collagen you get and the other things added in too. I have tried a couple of others which, in my opinion tasted horrible, and were the same sort of price but half the amount of collagen! Every lady should have this in their life 🙂

Claire M.    9 December 2020   London   
6 weeks and my skin is amazing  

I have been having one sachet a day for 6 weeks and my skin is fantastic. It used to be terrible, dry patches in some places, oily in others, It is so soft and smooth now, I am honestly shocked at how well my skin looks and feels. They taste pretty good too!

Genna Bowyer    27 November 2020   London   
Amazing product. Pricey but the same as having a coffee every day  

Ive tried other collagen supplements and they've all tasted horrible. But i actually enjoy drinking Dermashotz. It tastes just like a soft drink. Now let me tell you about what it;s done to my skin! I'm on my 5th week of having one every day and ive actually had people commenting and asking me what cream i use or have i changed my make up! My skin feels and looks smoother and I can really see a difference in the creases that were round my eyes. It is a little pricey but i wouldn't think twice about buying a coffee or bottle of diet coke every day, so this is the same but with benefits! 🙂

Louise Crawford    16 November 2020   Cheshire   
Great Product  

My skin feels softer and my wrinkles look better too! I’ve not had any spots though which is impressive. However, the biggest difference for me so far is my hair... it feels so much thicker! The front of my hair just wasn’t growing and I can see some growth too... I’m so pleased. - Donna

Donna    12 November 2020   Windsor   
Such a good product  

This is such a good product. It makes my skin feel great, never dry and so soft. It took about a month for me to really start to notice the difference, but I've read about how the product works so that makes sense.

The flavour is so good too. It's just like having a glass of fruit squash, so you almost forget that its helping your skin.

Delivery is so quick which I thought was fantastic as it is free.

Lottie Davies    9 November 2020   Braintree   
Very pleased  

Extremely happy with Dermashotz. Delivered quickly and are easy to take. I've only been taking these for 3 weeks so no huge changes just yet, but my sister has had super results after 6 weeks so I'm excited to see how they work for me.

Michaela Murray    5 November 2020   Liss   

I'm really happy with how this is working for me. Working long hours in the City for the last 15 years and hitting 40 really told the story in my face, neck and hands especially. My work colleague gave me one of these to try and after seeing her results I bought some for myself. I wont talk about her experience, but for me the changes in my skin has been outstanding, My skin is firmer and tighter in general and the sagging around my eyes has reduced so much. I've had these now for just under 2 months but I noticed some improvements after about 4 weeks of taking one everyday. Really happy and well worth the money.

Amita    4 November 2020   London   
My new essential item  

This is now my favourite skin care product. I've always looked after my skin but really noticed a difference since turning 30 a couple of years ago... lines started appearing 🙁 I've been having a dermashotz sachet everyday for the past 6 weeks and the results so far are quite simply incredible. Friends, family and colleagues have all commented on how great my skin is looking - I was even asked if I'd had fillers!

Harriet J    2 November 2020   London   
Unbelievable results  

Truly amazing results after just a month. My skin is more 'dewy' and feels so much softer. I've noticed that the lines around my eyes are much less noticeable also. Superb product. Well done guys!

Sarah    26 October 2020   Hammersmith   
Amazing Amazing Amazing  

Taken these for 2 months and I cannot believe just how much difference they have made in such a short space of time. I have really seen a difference to my 'crows feet'. They are less deep than they were and less visible. My skin just feels plumper and softer and it has calmed my PCOS acne so much. I cant wait to see what happens in the next month. Very impressed.

Chrystal M.    29 September 2020   London   
Great skincare product  

Such a great product. I was recommended this product by my beauty therapist, I asked her what she did to have such lovely clear skin and she told me about Dermashotz. I've just finished my first monthly box and already my skin has changed so much. Great, great product.

Niamh    10 September 2020   Brentwood   
Amazing product  

Quite simply the best skin care product. I'm over the moon with them.

Carolyn    7 September 2020   Islington   
Eczema suffer  

I bought this to try as read a few places that collagen can be good for eczema. This has improved my skin so much after only 4 weeks and im so impressed. Granted its not cheap but then i don't mind if something actually works and this does. I've just subscribed so it works out even cheaper.

JMPearce    16 December 2021   Coventry   
Such a good product  

I'm not used to spending more than £10 on a product for my skin so this is a luxury for me and I did think 2 or 3 times before buyinng simply because of the price. To be honest my skin is something I've neglected all my life. But since I've reached 50 I really noticed my age taking it's toll on my skin. My sister has been using another brand of collagen and was telling me about it so I did my own research and found dermashotz, which seemed to be the best value for money with what you get. I have now been taking these every day for a month and just finished my first box and I truly cant believe how amazing my skin feels. It constantly feels moisturised and i have definitely noticed a massive difference in the lines around my eyes and lips. Yes it is a £10 product but for me it is worth the cost and ive just subscribed to save extra money. I've also converted my sister to dermashotz as when we were comparing you get so much more from dermashotz and it was a lot cheaper too.

Christine Ross    10 December 2021   London   
Improved my skin 100%  

This has really helped eczema around my hair line and behind my ears and has improved the skin around my eyes so much. The first thing that I noticed was my nails though, they always used to break now they are so hard! Fantastic collagen drink that tastes really good.

Carly Burrows    14 November 2021   Aylesbury   
The best of the collagens  

I have tried a couple of different collagen supplements over the past year and havent been impressed at all. Stopped for a couple of months and I saw an ad for derma shotz a few times so i thought i'd take a look. It seemed to be so much more for my money so I thought I'd give it a try. In 2 months my skin has completely transformed, and my hair is the shiniest and thickest it's ever been in my life. It's even mad these silly baby hairs I have along my forehead hairline start to grow!! Hooked!

Sandra Bennett    2 October 2021   Fareham   
The best!  

These sachets are the best. People keep asking me what I use on my skin, telling me I look fresh and clear and my nails are so strong and long. Very impressed and will keep buying for sure.

Stacey Knight    5 September 2021   London   
Highly recommend  

Very impressed with the difference this has made to my skin. Improvements are visible and people are commenting on how great my skin looks. I've also noticed how healthy and shiny my hair has become since i started taking these about 5 weeks ago.

Beverley Tointon    11 August 2021   March   
Very impressed  

My wife and I have been having these sachets for the last 6 weeks and we are very impressed with the condition of our skin after this time. My wife's hair has really improved and is growing far more quickly than usual. I have noticed improvement in the lines around my forehead and eyes and my wife, the same. We will keep taking to see if there are even more improvements. Recommended.

Paul McD.    27 July 2021   Cheltenham   
Very good  

This is very good and has really improved my skin. Thank you

Geraldine Coffey    8 July 2021   Manchester   
Very impressed  

I am a beauty therapist for many years and skin is my number one priority in my everyday working and personal life. I have tried Skinade and Absolute Collagen for many years, but switched to Dermashotz recently, I am my 2nd month or so and very impressed with how my skin is looking, especially at my 'grand' age of 53! Looks more plumped and youthful. I highly recommend this product over any other on the market, plus tastes good, especially as Absolute Collagen I found was not a pleasent taste at all. I am recommended this product to all my clients.    7 June 2021   Lincolnshire   
Very good  

Impressed with DermaShotz. My hair is in fantastic condition and my skin is soft and smooth. I'm 42 and it has made my skin glow.

Christine Tozer    19 May 2021   Harrow   
Very pleased  

Very pleased

Toni    12 May 2021   Upminster   
Best collagen drink  

Tried a few and this is the best I've found by a mile in terms of collagen content, added ingredients, flavour, price and results.

Michelle Leaver    2 May 2021   Battersea   
Great Product, very impressed  

I have been using dermashotz for around 2 months now and I am very impressed with the results. After noticing a few wrinkles appearing I started looking for something that would help with the ageing process. My skin already feels and looks so much better and smoother, and has been complemented by others. My hair is also shinier and feels less fine. The ordering and delivery was a very quick and easy process.

Victoria Bradstreet    19 March 2021   East London   
If you are looking for collagen - Look no further!  

This really is a game changer. I'm in my late 30s and have never looked after my skin. Within 6 weeks of taking this every day, my face has changed so much. I can't even really explain it, but pretty much straight away my face looked fresher and less blotchy / patchy, and after 6 weeks I can see a real improvement in the lines on my forehead and around my eyes. My hair is so much glossier and my nails are so strong! Go get it guys!!

Annie Cross    10 March 2021   St. Albans   
Very pleased  

It workes for me hear skin nails all seem better,Taste good i have mine in the morning training with Mr Wicks

TERRY    24 February 2021   Danbury   
Miracle Powder  

I am so very impressed with this product and highly recommend it. It has been a miracle for my skin. I have suffered with redness and dry patches for years and 3 months of taking this product every day has calmed my skin down so much. My skin feels smooth and hydrated and it looks so much fresher. It's a big thumbs up from me xxx

Dawn English    20 February 2021   Mansfield   
Very impressed with results  

I have been having dermashotz every day for about 6 weeks now and already my skin feels so good. I can see a big difference in the look and feel of my skin. Totally worth it!

Terri Payne    13 February 2021   Warrington   
It's OK  

Its OK but im 62 and i think i'll have to take this for a year to see a difference.

Mrs. I. White    3 February 2021   Paisley   

First thing i noticed is i now have to cut my nails once a week

Alan D    12 January 2021   Peterborough   
It is such good product for skin  

My skin feels fantastic after 2 month of having this every day. My hair is full and strong and very shiny. I am happy!!!

Eleonora C.    5 January 2021   London   
Such a good product for skin and hair  

My skin feels amazing after taking Dermashotz for 6 weeks. My hair feels really soft and looks super shiny.

Charmaine Redgrave    22 December 2020   Surrey   
What my skin has been missing for years  

53 years old and looked every one of them! I'd pretty much resigned myself to dreary skin until I got my hands on these. A girl at work told me about them and how much they had improved her skin, and let me try one. It tasted really nice but i wasn't completely convinced of the claims. Well, after nearly 8 weeks of having these every day, I can hand on heart say my skin has changed completely. It was dull and so so very dry. Now, it looks fresh and full of life and colour. It feels so hydrated and I ccan already see a massive difference to my saggy eyelids and crows feet. If you're thinking about trying these, just do it!

Jill R    17 December 2020   Saffron Waldon   
Such an amazing product  

DermaShotz is amazing. I've had these for 6 weeks now and my skin feels so so soft. My face looks fresh and really hydrated and I really love the taste of them.

Carly Grodent    4 December 2020   Brentwood   
The taste is so good!  

It's just like drinking orange juice! Honestly just so good! I've been taking DERMASHOTZ every day for the last 3 weeks and I can't believe how much it has changed my skin. My skin feels so well hydrated and my hair is the shiniest it has been for a long time.

Sarah Bartlett    17 November 2020   Salisbury   
2 months and small changes  

I've been taking these for 2 months and have just started noticing some small changes in my skin and hair. Takes a while to kick in, although some people on here seem to have got results quicker than me (maybe it's just me!). I'm going to carry on with them as i've read up on why collagen works from many different places and it does make sense.

Chloe Ross    16 November 2020   London   

I'd love to leave a photo here on how this product has changed my skin, but I can't find out how to do this (is this something that can be added to the reviews, or if I can could somebody help me please?). In just over a month and a half the changes to my skin is unbelievable. The dark circles under my eyes have faded, the lines and creases in my face have gone down so much and my hair feels so much thicker than before. If I can get some photos on here, I'll be happy to share my photos for others to see. Highly recommend this product.

Miss I Packham    9 November 2020   St Albans   

I have been taking Dermashotz every day for the last month and I am truly taken aback by the results. I have suffered with Dermatitis around my hairline and behind my ears for several years and for the last 2 weeks I have had no signs of it whatsoever. My skin feels softer and more 'moisturised' and my face just looks and feels fresher. This has worked great for me.

Katie Denn    8 November 2020   London   
Best collagen product I've found  

Tried a couple of other brands of collagen based products before with limited results. Found out about this on the internet and was sold by the 11g of collagen in them. I bought the 2 month pack as I wanted to give it a good try to see if it worked for me, and I've bought it while the prices are reduced. Only been taking these for 5 weeks and already my hair is glossy, my skin feels constantly moisturised (is that even possible?) and the skin around my eyes looks firmer!?? I've already added you to my Christmas List for 2020!

Bridget Pearce    5 November 2020   Upminster   
Excellent product & fast delivery  

My delivery arrived 2 days after ordering - aamazing!

I've been having DERMASHOTZ every day for the last month and a half and, quite honestly, I'm stunned at the difference in my skin especially. An adult acne sufferer has been the bain of my life for years. Someone told me to try collagen for my skin and I came across DERMASHOTZ. For the first time, I've actually found something that is helping it. I don't want to speak too soon as I don't want to 'jinx' it but this is quite honestly the only product that i've found has made any difference to my skin. I will report back in another month or so with an update! Thank you guys... and wish me luck!

Lizzy Peters    3 November 2020   London   
Love them  

They taste so nice and they have really made a noticeable difference to my skin.

Amy    27 October 2020   Ongar   
62 looking 20  

My daughter introduced me to dermashotz and I have to say I was slightly sceptical about it working on older skin. I have had at least 5 people ask me what I've done to my skin! People have noticed the difference and have been telling me how much younger I look. I can see such a huge difference to the lines and wrinkles that I had especially around my forehead, eyes and neck. It has really given me a confidence boost so thank you very much x

S Thurbon    3 October 2020  
Excellent product for skin  

This is an excellent product for your skin. Started to notice a difference in a couple of weeks and now I've been having this for 7 weeks, My skin feels tighter and I've noticed the lines around my eyes have gone down so much. The skin all over my body feels softer too.

Bethan    15 September 2020   Bath   
So in love with Dermashotz!  

I am blown away by how amazing this product is. I've only been having these sachets for 3 weeks and my skin is glowing. It's balmy and plump and feels like its really nourished. It actually feels moisturised all day long. Very happy lady!

Hannah    8 September 2020   Richmond